About five years ago I became a strict vegetarian because I thought it would be good for my health and would help me to loose weight. It did not work as I did not loose weight and my blood sugar became elevated. As a referral from Dr. Gordon Scherzer DN DC I made an appointment with her. After thoroughly reviewing my blood work and asking questions, she provided me with a personalized eating plan that included much more protein and fewer carbohydrates. I also learned about choosing healthy oils. After following my new eating plan, I lost 30lbs in 120 days. My blood pressure which was high even on medication, went from 159/99 to 115/75. My blood sugar also dropped from 125 to 105. I am very pleased with my results.


Amy has been incredible to work with! What began with a quest for better understanding my own nutrition needs ended up with a whole “plan” for my family and their needs as well! While working with me specifically, she was able to pinpoint areas of my diet and help me make changes. Then, through careful listening she was able to make recommendations for good, sound, healthy changes I could incorporate for my children to help navigate their own allergies and sensitivities. She is ethical, knowledgeable and caring and clearly has her clients’ best interests in mind. I proudly refer to Amy as “my nutritionist”! — thanks again for everything!!

LUCY A. Clarendon Hills, IL.

Amy is absolutely Amazing. A few other nouns I could use to describe her would be: a miracle worker, an intuitive healer, and basically a Godsend! She’s now my go-to health practitioner that I’d see before any conventional medical doctor. I met Amy last year and was immediately
impressed with her knowledge about anything and everything related to health. But it wasn’t until I consulted her regarding my own health challenges that I realized that depth and skill she possessed when it came to diagnosing and healing my digestive inflammation and menopausal symptoms including hot flashes and weight gain. I’m happy to say that after I started on the herbs and dietary changes she recommended I’m feeling fantastic…clear thinking, weight going down and no more hot flashes.
My digestive inflammation is improving and am confident will continue to get better. I tell everyone I know that is open minded to alternative modalities for healing to contact Amy.

KATHY JOHNSTON Lake in the Hills, IL

I was referred to Amy Kinzie from a friend. At the time I was suffering from gastritis and had been experiencing very bad pain in my stomach and having other GI issues. I was not able to eat without pain. I scheduled an appointment with her. Though a consultation about nutrition, and muscle testing she was able to give me insight on what was going on with my gut. We also addressed some ways to help support my body to heal joint damage. The first of the food suggestions I tried was a special low temperature cooked organic chicken broth to nourish and calm my intestines. It was the first thing I could eat without pain. I also followed her advice on juicing and other specific recommendations. She suggested a few supplements made by Biotics that really helped with the gi distress including a really good probiotic. I am happy to say I currently have no digestive issues. In addition, my doctor told me to “keep doing what I’m doing” because my thyroid levels have normalized without drugs. I have gained so much knowledge on how to handle different things going on with my body. I am no longer scared of how my health will be as I age. I feel Amy is an excellent source to help me address my concerns. Thank you Amy!