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The little things we do every day can have a huge impact on the way we think, feel, and behave.

Therefore, knowledge of real nutrition and proper self-care are powerful tools in reaching and maintaining an optimal level of health.

Amy Kinzie is a certified wellness consultant and natural health practitioner.

Equally important, she has been studying health and nutrition for the past 20 years (since the age of 19) when a health crisis forced her to take responsibility for her own health.

Inspired by the healing capacity of her own body, she has committed herself to the study of using food as medicine and sharing this knowledge with others.

Additionally, she specializes in teaching others to eat in harmony with their metabolism by uncovering the unique ways their body responds to foods.

Furthermore, with the belief that there is no single nutrition plan that is right for everyone, she carefully constructs a food plan consisting of the most energizing, satisfying, and health-promoting foods for individual metabolic tendencies.

Similarly, clients are given tools to incorporate these foods such as recipes, shopping tips, and food charts to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle easy, fun, and delicious.

Moreover, Amy is especially good with children and has a passion for helping families incorporate the most health-building foods into their lifestyle.

Amy works with clients from all over the country. She is available for consultation in the office, or by phone and video conferencing.   Please call to schedule your appointment.

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