Nutritional Reflex Technique


Questions and Answers About NRT (Nutritional Reflex Technique)

What is N.R.T.?

N.R.T.℠ (Nutritional Reflex Technique) is a highly effective muscle testing technique, researched and developed by Dr. Gary Lasneski DC, MS.

The testing procedure is a service marked technique, ( filed with the federal government) whose purpose is to pinpoint imbalances in the human energy field. Unlike other techniques, NRT examines 3 major areas of imbalance.

  1. Environmental
  2. a) Toxins
  3. b) Nutritional Status
  4. Logic/ Emotional
  5. Genetic predisposition

The body is always striving to remain in balance.  To keep this balance energy in constantly flowing along energetic pathways to feed the organs and tissues of the body.  NRT testing allows the practitioner to find imbalance in your body by testing energy points along these pathways.  Most illness is really the end result of a series of biochemical imbalances in the body, which can result from nutritional deficiency, genetic predisposition, emotional states, or toxic overload.

NRT helps to uncover imbalances in the body by testing energy points along then to identify the nutritional, homeopathic, or herbal substances to help restore normal function

How Nutritional Reflex Technique Works

The practitioner will activate a point by touching a reflex point associated with a particular condition. When an active point is contacted it causes the energy field around it to weaken resulting in a loss of energy of non-essential function.  For example attempting to hold an arm extended while the practitioner exerts gentle downward pressure. Holding up the arm in not an essential function, therefore the body draws all energy inward to the weakened point attempting to “reset it “ Once the imbalances are identified, supplements or homeopathic are added in to strengthen the point and the muscle will no longer become week

The Origins of NRT

Muscle testing is not a new concept. It was developed in the 1950’s. Doctors Chapman and Ridler pioneered testing various points on the body that would respond to nutritional supplementation. Later techniques involving tissue and lymphatic points were included. NRT combines principles from these methods with energetic points related to current functional medicine concepts.


Initial appointment is 90 or 60 minutes depending on whether or not you are an established client.

Appointment will consist of new client intake, evaluation of any current laboratory findings, review of symptomology, suspected food sensitivities, and dietary evaluation.

NRT muscle testing session will aim to uncover possible toxicity issues, nutritional defects, as well as emotional drains.

Follow up visit

Upon completion of NRT session appropriate homeopathics will be ordered, and within one week a second evaluation is scheduled to review findings and outline a detailed health plan. This session takes 45 minutes and you will be able to pick up the homeopathic products recommended.

Follow up visits are 20 minutes and scheduled at two to four week intervals depending on progress.