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Questions and Answers About NRT (Nutritional Reflex Technique)

1. What is N.R.T.?
N.R.T. (Nutritional Reflex Technique) is a non-invasive muscle testing technique developed to pinpoint the possible causes of health imbalances in the human body.
The technique was developed by Gary. S. Lasneski and is currently taught to health care professionals throughout the United States.
2. What procedures are used in N.R.T.?
N.R.T. uses a muscle testing procedure that involves the use of the patient's isometric muscle resistance (usually a leg) against the downward pressure of the physicians hand. The downward pressure is applied against the patient's leg at the same time various points are touched. If the patient's leg becomes weak during the procedure, then that point is deemed active. The active points demonstrate theoretical areas of energy imbalance in the body.
3. Why does my leg become weak when an active point is touched?
When an active point is contacted the theoretical energy field around the point collapses. Since this energy field is there to re-balance the body, disturbing or collapsing it causes the brain to reset it. To do this the brain will draw off energy from all non-important functions. Since holding up a leg has no important health function, the brain temporarily "lets go" of that function and the leg becomes weak.
4. Is the concept of Muscle Testing
Muscle testing probably began in the 1950's. Such physicians as Dr. Chapman and Dr. Ridler found that certain points on the body could be tested then corrected with nutritional supplementation. Later on other techniques were developed involving tissue and lymphatic points. N.R.T. was developed from these early pioneering techniques, and has combined it with energy points that can be related to concepts in functional medicine.
5. Is there a scientific basis for N.R.T.?
Although there is no clear concise explanation for the phenomenon of Muscle Testing, there is a theoretical explanation.
Throughout the body there are multiple energy patterns (in Chinese medicine it is called Chi energy). These patterns involve both concepts in biophysics and quantum physics. N.R.T. accesses these energy patterns (wave patterns) directly. The physician can then choose the appropriate nutritional, herbal, and/or homeopathic correction that strengthens the active point.
6. Who can practice N.R.T.?
N.R.T. is taught to Medical, Osteopathic, and Chiropractic physicians, as well as Podiatrists, Dentists, and individuals having a PhD in nutrition. Individuals who are certified as nutritional specialists (C.N.S.) and who have an accompanying Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition can also attend
N.R.T. seminars.
7. Can N.R.T.help my health problem?
Since N.R.T. attempts to get to the "root of the problem," it can be used to re-balance almost any body system. By re-balancing body systems, the individual's own body can heal itself. This allows the body to obtain optimal function.

Explanation from Dr. Lasneski

Some time ago I began to study a form of muscle testing using bio-electric points. With my experience in bio-lab technology and later as a chiropractor, this type of analysis was somewhat difficult for me to accept. As the months and years passed I continued my studies of Applied Kinesiology, Contact Reflex Analysis, and even into the work of Dr. Randolf Stone. Upon completion of this study, I learned about the Chapman and Ridler points. It was interesting to note that I may have found some of the same points that Dr. Ridler discovered several years before. Although I have not reinvented the wheel, most of the points discussed in this seminar are different in both their location and description than those found in other texts. The purpose of this technique is to open a level of advanced healing to physicians who recognize the value of the balanced (homeostatic) whole person. This work is not designed to replace standard medical or chiropractic treatment. It is not designed for the treatment of disease. Disease itself is the end product of tissue failure. To treat disease without understanding its origin would be equivalent to lifting up the last domino that has fallen while being oblivious to the chain of events that caused it to fall. The Nutritional Reflex Technique tries, whenever possible, to look at the initial perpetuating factors that have led to tissue failure, By reaching back into the memory of the body, the physician will be able to balance the body, allowing uninhibited "normal" genetic expression. This would allow for balanced biochemical synthesis.

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